We are proceduring a design consulting of a villa/mansion house in new urban area along Da Nang river. The land is approached from the west, an area of 300 m2, together with a special position of opening space behind the house. The owner wishes to build a comfortable living space that can enjoy the “hospitality” in his own place.
This position has opened up a way for us to develop new ideas to optimize the experiences of our clients. From the building concept of privacy separating between outside and inside, of open space between front and back we are creating out a place to return, to “recharge energy”, to be able to roam in this house.
The overall solution is raising the common living space to the 2nd floor to open the connection with landscape behind the house, contemporary creating the almost completely separated privacy from the west sunshine and noise in front of the house. The architectural block is separated to create natural convection into the open living and connect spaces inside the area. Green layers including trees and water are also developed under this connection that make family members enjoy nature through spatial connection points and bring members closer together.
Our design team used wooden cladding in exterior combined with bare concrete for a solution of correcting the direction of the sunlight and natural ventilation. It also solve the privacy problem of outside and inside views.
Build a nice lifestyle.