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LyA Coffee is a small coffee shop renovated from an old tiled steel frame system on a 150 m2 land area. It is located at the corner of a junction with non-stop motorized traffic. When we approach this project, there is an interested point that is the west sidewalk area beside the land with a large shady line of trees.
The first goal was that we wanted to create a peaceful stop at the corner of the busy traffic. Using the solution of space layering – closed outside, opened inside – creating a central garden inside the house, the outer layer is oriented toward the small road from the west with a series of sidewalk corridors that are cool and less traffic noise.
The roof is an important element in the orientation of space separation, a part of the existing tile roof has been removed to create an airy space, the roof system is extended down to the ending to create a close feeling to the outer sidewalk area – you can feel the rain falling freely with your eyesight.
The main highlight of this project is the wooden curtain system separating the space, and its design orientation focuses on using recycle materials. We aim to convey the idea of protecting the environment with reusable products. Wooden pallets are extremely used for architectural and interior details. The overall color gamut is brought back to monochrome saturation to enhance the wooden curtain systems.
Together with the green tree system, we create an overall balance between creativity and low cost, between inner peace and outside rush. We desire this design will to be able to bring a spirit of living experience that slows down industrial life, cares for the environment, and arouses compassion.

Ashui Awards 2023 (12th) has announced 77 official nominations (shortlist) in 10 categories that enter the voting round.

LyA Coffee is honored to be nominated by Ashui – Vietnam Architecture Award – for a position on the Shortlist: Interior of the Year