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We are pleased to announce that our “STELLA Residence” project has been honored with the World Architecture Community Awards.

STELLA Residence project was selected both by the WA Awards Jury Members’ Votes and by the World Architecture Community Members’ Voting at the World Architecture Community Awards 45th Cycle in the Designed Category.

A biomimetic architectural project inspired from nature, STELLA Residence is an apartment complex combining F&B services on the first floor. The 330 m2 land campus is located at the tourist center of Vietnam coastal city. With the fast and spontaneous developments of surrounding social environment and services, its shape and structure is like a separate highlight and pioneer in the development of sustainable architecture there. This STELLA Residence project was developed with the desire to create a group of residents with a unique experience of biological architecture, thereby conveying the ideology of building a sustainable lifestyle for future society.

Thank you to World Architecture Community, we are truly honored for the recognition and the acknowledgement in world architecture.


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Reading more about this project at link:

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