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We are pleased to announce that our “VIETSING Kindergarten and Elementary School” project has recently been awarded with the “Gold Winner” for “Best public space design” from VMARK Vietnam Design Awards 2023. Thank you to the jury, we are truly honored for the recognition and the acknowledgement.

The project has an area of nearly 1ha, located in the newly expanded urban area of Vinh city, Vietnam. The new school of VietSing Academy, designed by MAS Architecture, has been agreed to be deployed. The project intention is to develop a model of kindergarten and primary school with international standards. Total floor area of this school is nearly 22.500 m2, meeting the need of 50 classes at the same time, serving 1.500 students. It is located deep inside the intersection of major roads that has advantage of reducing noise pollution. But in future, it is also the crossing of new and old urban areas where will be affected by construction density, air and space pollution.

Rapid development of urban ecosystems will affect the insecure psychological status of children. The problem to be solved here is to create a “shelter house” that gives children familiar and safe feeling in the city. With the “to protect” desire, MAS Architecture proposed a design strategy of “courtyard on the field” and protected this structure with a combination of functional architectural blocks that wrap around children – like an arm embracing whole compartment, resisting the effects of changes from outside.

We should not let the rapid urban growth and innovation giving a direct impact on a child’s growing up worldview. So that the design of VietSing inter-school is as a premise for future educational development.


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