Established in 2013 by Founding Principal and Design Director Nguyen Cong Thanh, MAS Architecture is a design studio operating in fields of project consulting, architectural design, interior design, landscape design, and product design. Our orientation is building a solution called “The Circle” – an ecological chain of services to create a cohesive spatial experience.

MAS Architecture’s vision is pursuing the spirit of minimalist architecture, connecting the order of spaces, expressing the essence of light and structure. Our design philosophy is creating projects whose architecture conveys the spiritual essence of place and cultural identity of the region.

With each step of development, we specialize in consulting high-rise buildings and hospitality projects.

MAS Architecture consults and provides a comprehensive solution called “The Circle” in creating a project. This solution has a meaning of building closed consulting chain from analyzing social, cultural, architectural, financial, operational, management factors, …. to form a correct vision for sustainable development of the project. We design, build and manage. Our profound understanding of modern life allows us to set our own standards that make a difference. We never stop learning and implementing latest innovation and technical expertise to our projects. Above everything, we always encourage innovation. The combination between an international standard foundation in project analysis and implementation in parallel with a global experience factor that is always the first problem we set and dedicate to each design — because there is no limit to an idea.

The development ethos of society is polymorphic, so we always start each project by a close connection with our customers in terms of user experience analysis.

MAS Architecture’s research results will form the most comprehensive design idea for each product. It is also our desire in contribute to the development of a sustainable society.